Pre-Ballet (age 4-)  Ballet • en Pointe

Tap • Lyrical • Jazz • Contemporary • Competition Team

Ballet: Russian Vaganova curriculum

Ages 4 and up • All levels • Enroll Year Round


  • Parents can complete the registration process online for Pre-Ballet I students by enrolling here. Pre-Ballet I typically comprises students ages 3 to 6, but there are exceptions.


  • Students interested in all other levels must attend a free tryout class. Instructors evaluate every student to ensure they are placed in the appropriate level.




Benefits of Vaganova (Russian) Method of Ballet Instruction

  • Basic locomotor skills and mind/body awareness
  • Musicality and rhythm
  • Imaginative thinking skills
  • Increased focus and ability to follow direction
  • Respect for authority figures
  • Peer cooperation
  • Self confidence and overcoming fears (source: BalletUni.com, Mary Fernandez)