Attendances and Payment Policy

We require new students to commit to the semester during which they enroll.

First semester: September through December. Second semester: January through June. If a student cannot continue to attend, payment will still be processed monthly until the end of the semester

We require all students in Pre-Ballet III and up to participate in our performances.

Tuition and performances fees are refundable only with a doctor’s note.


We have two performances a year: Nutcracker and a Spring show that changes every year. There are performance and costume fees associated with these performances. Levels Pre-Ballet III and up are required to participate. Our newsletters have detailed info on these performances.

Payment Policy

At the end of every month, we process payment on the credit card you enter in your PDA online account for the following month’s lessons. If you wish to stop lessons, please tell us one month in advance. There are no refunds.

Please enroll in auto-pay at the below link. At any time, you can change the credit card and view your account: https://app.thestudiodirector.com/peninsuladanceacademy/portal.sd?page=Login

The account link is always available on our website, peninsuladanceacademy.com.

Payment is due by the 5th of each month. There’s a $15 late fee afterward.


Only for students enrolling in the middle of a month. We don’t prorate classes missed due to extended vacations or illness without a doctor’s note.

Make-up Policy

Please make up missed lessons the same month they are missed. You cannot carry them over into another month.

Make-up lessons include when students are out of town, sick, injured or PDA is closed (Example: Thanksgiving, Spring Break).

Make-up lessons don't include lessons canceled due to rehearsals for our performances.


A few times a month, we email a newsletter to parents to inform you about important events and dates, such as our two annual performances, summer camp and holidays. Please make sure this email does not end up in spam.